#Financial Life

Here are the Premise, Vision, and Purpose statements for My Financial Life:

Premise: Money is something to be respected because it is a scarce resource much like food, water, or time that not everyone has.

I believe that the lack of money is the root of all evil.

I believe my money has power and can effect positive change in the lives of others and the economy.

I believe that the best way to enrich myself is through contribution.

I believe that wealth can represent virtue depending on how it is used and what it's used for.

I believe that wealthy people are valuable contributors to society.

Vision: Since I believe that money is a scarce resource, I see myself having a balanced and sustainable relationship with it.

I would rather be comfortable than wealthy with money in my financial life.

I see myself as a moneymaker who has the potential to create real value for other people as a healthcare provider.

I see myself being economical and living a simple life in terms of material things with less being more (less quantity and more quality).

I see myself maximizing my standard of living in terms of how much income I earn and the wealth I generate while at the same time minimizing all the costs associated with living.

Purpose: As a member of the human race, the purpose behind my financial vision of making more money is to allow for freedom, simplicity, and a greater standard of living for myself, to valuably contribute to the lives of others, and to help bring about human flourishing.

Here are the Strategies for My Financial Life:

I will start paying a lot more attention to my money.

I will expand my time horizon and think long-term about the money I earn.

I will request the services of a successful accountant or financial advisor as back-up in case I run into problems or need advice with my taxes or money.

Save more and spend less.

I will store away 10% of my monthly income in a retirement savings account.

I will invest in myself because my most precious possession is my life and the most valuable gift I have to offer is myself, so I want to get better as a person as the years go by.