Here are the Premise, Vision, and Purpose statements for Career:

Premise: I believe that my career is a role I play in society, that my role may change, and that it is my tool to create impact upon other human beings in the world at large.

I believe that developing myself, developing my talents and abilities is an important part of a successful career.

Vision: I see myself having an in-demand, stable and successful career working as a registered nurse taking care of children.

I see myself having an optimal work-life balance.

Purpose: The purpose of my career is to help me succeed in life and function as a healthy cell to push humanity forward.

Here are my Strategies for My Career:

I will make myself a more effective team member through the feedback I receive from my team and supervisor(s).

I will take part in continuing education and training activities to stay abreast in my field.

I will find mentor(s) who is/are more experienced than I am in my profession and take heed of their wisdom and advice.