#Life Vision

For the Life Vision category, we are required to have all the vision statements from all our 11 categories in front of us. For each category we were supposed to write at least 1 Premise, 1 Vision, 1 Purpose, and 1 Strategy. This was the bare minimum, the least amount of work we needed to do. However, I didn't settle for doing the least amount of work. I took Jon's recommendation and played full out for each category. I have more than 1 Premise, more than 1 Vision, more than 1 Purpose, and more than 1 Strategy for each category. Thus, I don't have 11 Visions for 11 categories, but more than that. I probably have a little under or a little over 20 Visions.

Should I just try to combine 20 separate visions into 1 Life Vision or is there a different approach to take?

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!