Here are the main points of my Premise, Vision, and Purpose for Parenting:

Premise: I believe that parenting, or choosing to have and raise children, is optional. I can either opt-in or opt-out of parenting and I seriously see myself opting out.

Parents, and life circumstances, write programs on childrens' minds that will determine how they operate in their worlds.

Vision: I see myself working with children in my career as a future nurse instead of raising children of my own.

I have one family that's guided and supported me over the years and that's how it shall remain.

Purpose: I don't desire to be a parent and raise children because I believe this will complicate my living situation, regardless of how much money I make, where I live, or who I'm living with.


Here are the Strategies for Parenting:

I will contribute to children of parents directly in my line of work.

Apart from my paid professional healthcare work with children, I will investigate volunteer programs, relief programs, service projects, or charities that are doing meaningful work, lend a helping hand, and participate where it's needed.

An optional strategy is that I will get in touch with an adoption agency and adopt children who are living a much worse life than I lived when I was a child.