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Yuen Cheung
Yuen Cheung

Currently working in the medical field in Amsterdam and living in Rotterdam. I'm excited about this course to improve my learning efficiency and quality.Β 

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Day 5. Remembered all 10 brain food items! Used did some groceries and bought the brain berries 😊. Number 10 was already in stock in home so that won't be a problem.
Not sure how to implement the fingers in my diet. Guess I'll just have to Google some recipes. How is everybody else doing?
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Hey Tribe! I'll commit to killing ANTs and stress management. Never tried meditation or something alike, so I'm curious about it.
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Hey tribe. I got 10 correct from the sunlist the first time and 20 the second time. I paused the video though to get some extra time for the rainbow.
As for 21 to 30, I (with some hints from Jim) came up with:
21 casino (blackjack)
22 catcher (catch 22)
23 ball (Michael Jordan's Jersey number)
24 day (24 hours in a day)
25 quarter (quarter is 0.25)
26 Halloween (2 times 13)
27 weekend (2 days of a week)
28 snowmen (2 x snowman; since the 8 looks like a snowman)
29 fate (leap (year) of fate)
30 Tennis (scoring in tennis 15, 30, 40)
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My motivation is to decrease the time I use at home for work (writing papers, preparing presentations, read up to the new developments in my field or committee work). So I can increase the time spent with people I care about.
Enjoying and value the time spent with them would also increase my motivation.
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