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Jim Awofadeju
Jim Awofadeju
Student of life

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#Spiritual Life

Hello Lifebook Tribe! Happy New Year!

I accepted a free invitation to a 30-day experiment on January 9th. It's called The Meaning of Life Experiment. So far, I completed Day 1 (Introduction to Meditation), Day 2 (Science vs. Spirituality), Day 3 (What is Consciousness), and Day 4 (Who Am I?).

According to the words of Ashok Gupta, a man and fellow seeker of the meaning of life, "These 30 days are an experiment to explore our own consciousness & what makes us who we are."

Each day has 3 steps. Step 1 is a 10-minute or 20-minute guided meditation. Step 2 is a video. Step 3 is answering journal reflection questions. There's a link to Facebook where you can join the global conversation by leaving comments for your the reflection questions.

If you are interested in checking this out, please visit the link below

Thank you,
Jim Awofadeju
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#Financial Life

I don't have independent financial freedom and am looking for suggestions from you. Please consider leaving a comment here with your answers to these questions. Maybe I can consider adding them to the Financial Life chapter of my Lifebook.

Question #1: When have you felt empowered by your finances?

Question #2: Do you follow a budget?

- Your choices are 1) Yes. Here's how it works for me:
2) No. This is why I don't.
3) Other:

Question #3: Do you have any tools, strategies, or lessons learned about personal financial management you'd like to share with me?

Please add any additional information that you'd like to share related to financial wellness and personal finance.
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I don't currently have a habit of listening to music, but I would like to. Specifically, I would like to listen to music that touches the soul and/or soothes me for sleep. I want to use music consciously and purposefully for my spiritual life and for relaxing me for sleep.

Do you have any recommendations?
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#Life Vision

Jon Butcher said, "Most people don't know what they want out of life". He & Missy said that we (the people who started and finished Lifebook) know what we want out of life. The new year is approaching. People set New Year's resolutions, but the majority of people don't accomplish their New Year's resolutions by the end of the year on December 31st. For the Life Vision category we were asked to visualize where we saw ourselves 5 years from now for our Life Vision. A common question that is asked is, "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?" I think most people have difficulty projecting into the future. I think more people are better at rehearsing past problems or reminiscing good times than we are about future planning. Since most people fail at their New Year's resolutions within the time span of 1 year, I think even more people are likely to fail to be where they want to be 5 years from now.

What do you think?
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Here are the main points of my Premise, Vision, and Purpose for Parenting:

Premise: I believe that parenting, or choosing to have and raise children, is optional. I can either opt-in or opt-out of parenting and I seriously see myself opting out.

Parents, and life circumstances, write programs on childrens' minds that will determine how they operate in their worlds.

Vision: I see myself working with children in my career as a future nurse instead of raising children of my own.

I have one family that's guided and supported me over the years and that's how it shall remain.

Purpose: I don't desire to be a parent and raise children because I believe this will complicate my living situation, regardless of how much money I make, where I live, or who I'm living with.


Here are the Strategies for Parenting:

I will contribute to children of parents directly in my line of work.

Apart from my paid professional healthcare work with children, I will investigate volunteer programs, relief programs, service projects, or charities that are doing meaningful work, lend a helping hand, and participate where it's needed.

An optional strategy is that I will get in touch with an adoption agency and adopt children who are living a much worse life than I lived when I was a child.
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#Life Vision

For the Life Vision category, we are required to have all the vision statements from all our 11 categories in front of us. For each category we were supposed to write at least 1 Premise, 1 Vision, 1 Purpose, and 1 Strategy. This was the bare minimum, the least amount of work we needed to do. However, I didn't settle for doing the least amount of work. I took Jon's recommendation and played full out for each category. I have more than 1 Premise, more than 1 Vision, more than 1 Purpose, and more than 1 Strategy for each category. Thus, I don't have 11 Visions for 11 categories, but more than that. I probably have a little under or a little over 20 Visions.

Should I just try to combine 20 separate visions into 1 Life Vision or is there a different approach to take?

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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I think there's a difference between having a job and having a career. There are contexts where the word "job" can't be substituted for the word "career". I'll provide some examples. People say they have a part-time job or a full-time job. You would hardly ever hear someone say that they have a part-time career or a full-time career. There are people who work seasonal jobs, but there are no seasonal careers. High school students may have summer jobs, but they certainly won't have summer careers. Jobs are more transitory and people can rack up many of them to add to their resumes. Careers, on the other hand, are more defining of your status. Many careers are more professional than jobs. People can work minimum wage jobs, but no one has a minimum wage career. A minimum wage career is not something that would be professional and defining of your status in society.

What are your thoughts?
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Here are the Premise, Vision, and Purpose statements for Career:

Premise: I believe that my career is a role I play in society, that my role may change, and that it is my tool to create impact upon other human beings in the world at large.

I believe that developing myself, developing my talents and abilities is an important part of a successful career.

Vision: I see myself having an in-demand, stable and successful career working as a registered nurse taking care of children.

I see myself having an optimal work-life balance.

Purpose: The purpose of my career is to help me succeed in life and function as a healthy cell to push humanity forward.

Here are my Strategies for My Career:

I will make myself a more effective team member through the feedback I receive from my team and supervisor(s).

I will take part in continuing education and training activities to stay abreast in my field.

I will find mentor(s) who is/are more experienced than I am in my profession and take heed of their wisdom and advice.
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#Financial Life

Here are the Premise, Vision, and Purpose statements for My Financial Life:

Premise: Money is something to be respected because it is a scarce resource much like food, water, or time that not everyone has.

I believe that the lack of money is the root of all evil.

I believe my money has power and can effect positive change in the lives of others and the economy.

I believe that the best way to enrich myself is through contribution.

I believe that wealth can represent virtue depending on how it is used and what it's used for.

I believe that wealthy people are valuable contributors to society.

Vision: Since I believe that money is a scarce resource, I see myself having a balanced and sustainable relationship with it.

I would rather be comfortable than wealthy with money in my financial life.

I see myself as a moneymaker who has the potential to create real value for other people as a healthcare provider.

I see myself being economical and living a simple life in terms of material things with less being more (less quantity and more quality).

I see myself maximizing my standard of living in terms of how much income I earn and the wealth I generate while at the same time minimizing all the costs associated with living.

Purpose: As a member of the human race, the purpose behind my financial vision of making more money is to allow for freedom, simplicity, and a greater standard of living for myself, to valuably contribute to the lives of others, and to help bring about human flourishing.

Here are the Strategies for My Financial Life:

I will start paying a lot more attention to my money.

I will expand my time horizon and think long-term about the money I earn.

I will request the services of a successful accountant or financial advisor as back-up in case I run into problems or need advice with my taxes or money.

Save more and spend less.

I will store away 10% of my monthly income in a retirement savings account.

I will invest in myself because my most precious possession is my life and the most valuable gift I have to offer is myself, so I want to get better as a person as the years go by.
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Here are the main points of my Premise, Vision, and Purpose:

Premise: I stand for respect and equality for all people.

I believe that a good character is not something I'm born with. Instead, I must develop a good character over time.

Vision: The values that I see myself turning into virtues through habitual practice are responsibility, honesty, humility, forgiveness, kindness, fairness, respect, patience, resilience, inner strength, self-compassion, and courage.

I see myself using my character strengths in mutually reciprocal and beneficial ways.

Purpose: I want to turn my values into virtues and virtues into habits that shape my character because I want to be better at human relations and make life easier to manage.

Here are the Strategies for My Character:

I will live as a man of good conscience, a civil citizen who upholds the laws of society without necessarily seeking to conform to societal expectations in other categories of my life.

The values that I want to imprint onto my character as virtues most are responsibility, honesty, humility, forgiveness, and patience.